Dental Bonding

Improve your smile with an easy tooth repair at Belmar Park Dental Care

Fix Minor Smile Flaws

Dental bonding is the fastest way to fix small cracks, chips, or imperfections in teeth.

A younger woman smiling with dental bonding

Do you have a minor crack or chip in your tooth that affects the way you look and feel? Or maybe it’s mild discoloration or a natural tooth shape you’d like to fix? Dental bonding is the fastest and most affordable way to get your confidence back.

Small flaws in the appearance of your teeth can be repaired with dental bonding that looks and feels like your natural tooth. The treatment is typically completed in just one day and can last for years.

Dental bonding corrects:

  • Small chips, cracks, and misshapen teeth

  • Minor damage from tooth decay or injury

  • Discoloration

Just one visit can give you a smile you love!

Why Choose Dental Bonding?
The advantages of tooth bonding make it a top choice for quick tooth repairs.

Bonding can be completed in one visit for planned makeovers or emergency tooth repairs.


You’ll get a beautiful, improved smile without the high cost of porcelain veneers.


Your natural tooth’s enamel and structure are retained with bonding applied on the surface.

How Dental Bonding Works

Come in with a cosmetic issue, and you’ll leave with an improved smile.

Lakewood CO Dentists Dr. Collins and Dr. Suslik

Dental bonding at Belmar Park Dental Care in Lakewood can reshape and recontour your tooth or multiple teeth in one appointment.

  • Step 1

    We’ll first examine your teeth and discuss your goals. Once you’ve decided to proceed with a dental bonding treatment, we’ll select the ideal shade to match your existing teeth.

  • Step 2

    The tooth’s surface is gently prepared so that the composite has a strong hold.

  • Step 3

    The composite resin is applied to the tooth and shaped as needed, and hardened under a light to complete. We polish the tooth for a flawless and natural appearance.

Once your tooth bonding is complete, we’ll let you know how to best care for your new smile. The composite resin isn’t as strong as your natural teeth, so don’t bite on hard items like pens, nails, or ice. The material is also slightly more prone to staining, so it’s important to maintain excellent hygiene and pay attention to foods or drinks that stain.

FAQ About Dental Bonding
  • How much does a tooth bonding cost?

    Tooth bonding is the most cost-effective way to fix the appearance of teeth quickly. The cost varies on the severity of the damage, such as the size of the crack, break, or imperfection.

    Please contact Belmar Park Dental Care in Lakewood, CO for a consultation and dental bonding cost estimate.

  • How long does dental bonding last?

    The number of years that dental bonding lasts varies on the size and location of the procedure. Dental bonding can last for 5 years or more. With proper care, it can even last 10 years.

    While dental bonding is not a permanent way of fixing teeth, it will last for many years. To increase the lifespan of bonding, we recommend maintaining good oral hygiene by brushing and flossing, avoiding hard foods like candy and ice, and paying attention to teeth grinding during sleep. Even with cosmetic dental work, it’s important to visit your dentist for biannual cleanings and exams.

    If you grind your teeth at night, a custom night guard will protect your bonded teeth from damage.

  • Is bonding good for your teeth?

    Teeth bonding is safe and can fix cracks or breaks in teeth using a composite material. It’s the easiest and most affordable way to fix a tooth effectively and is a painless procedure. Unlike porcelain veneers, dental bonding doesn’t require the removal of your enamel and won’t harm your tooth structure.

    The composite resin used in bonding is safe and looks like your natural tooth. It’s important to note the resin is not as strong as your enamel, so biting nails or eating hard food should be avoided.

  • Does tooth bonding hurt?

    No, tooth bonding does not hurt. It’s applied directly onto the tooth and does not cause any pain or discomfort.

  • Does tooth bonding look natural?

    Yes, tooth bonding looks natural. The composite resin used for dental bonding is made to look and feel like a natural tooth, and we’ll color match the resin to your existing teeth.

Fix a Smile Flaw Instantly With Tooth Bonding

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