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FAQ's about Restorative Dentistry

  • Can restorative dentistry fix broken teeth?

    This often depends on the cause of the break. If the tooth is broken because of decay, you will likely be at risk of losing the tooth if the decay has spread and has been left untreated for some time. Dr. Collins will first try to save the tooth with a root canal, which involves cleaning out the tooth and removing the pulp. If the tooth can be saved, Dr. Collins will cover it with a dental crown, which will protect the remaining tooth from further damage and possible infection.

    If the decay has gone too far, Dr. Collins will extract tooth. And if the tooth was broken from an accident or while eating, Dr. Collins will likely be able to save the tooth and protect it with a dental crown.

  • Should I choose a dental implant or a denture?

    The decision between a denture or a dental implant is a personal decision, and one that should be considered carefully. Why? Because both dentures (full and partial) and dental implants can be used to replace single or multiple missing teeth, however, the main difference lies in the fact that dentures are removable while implants are permanent.

    With that being said, implants are some – if not the most – permanent, reliable, and durable of all the restorative dental options for lost missing teeth because they adhere and eventually integrate right into the bone in your jaw.

    To determine what the best choice is for your unique situation, we recommend a thorough evaluation with our expert Lakewood dentist to review your options and candidacy for either – or both – treatments.

  • What is restorative dentistry?

    Each and every day we use and abuse our teeth whicn can leave our smile worn out and can damage our teeth.

    Other factors including: decay, injury, or aging can also cause our teeth to become weak, affecting our overall oral health.

    Restorative dentistry describes the services that we can provide to repair the damage done to your teeth. Treatments like dentures, extractions, and root canal therapy repair the damages to tooth structure; and dental implants can prevent harmful effects of missing teeth.

    Even if you have multiple restorative needs, we will assist you in creating a customized treatment plan that will restore your healthy set of teeth. Call Belmar Park Dental Care today.

  • Who are candidates for dental implants?

    With the rapid advancement in implant dentistry nearly anyone who is missing one or more teeth, and who desires a superior, long-lasting esthetic smile is a good candidate for dental implants.

    With that being said, patients must have enough bone structure to support and stabilize the implant. Some individuals who have suffered bone loss as a result of gum disease or another condition may need bone grafting before a dental implant can be placed successfully. Dr. Collins and Dr. Suslik are skilled in the bone grafting and dental implant procedures and will be glad to work with you to restore your smile. Contact Belmar Park Dental Care today to get started.

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